Dental notion

18 missing, 21 crown, 38 missing

Have you ever wondered what these strange numbers mean? Here we have the solution for you:

In dentistry, each tooth is assigned a two-digit number. This number represents the position of the tooth in the mouth.

The mouth is divided into four sections called quadrants: top right is the first, top left the second, bottom left the third and bottom right the fourth.

The first number is the quadrant in which the respective tooth stands.

The jaws are divided into two halves, while the imaginary dividing line lies between the incisors. From here, the counting sequence starts from the incisor (1) to the wisdom tooth (8).

The second number marks the individual tooth.

Tooth number 18 is thus the wisdom tooth top right, tooth number 21 is the incisor front left and tooth number 38 is the wisdom tooth lower left.