A dental accident! What to do?

Unfortunately, accidents where teeth are damaged occur time and again.
To save your teeth, you should take the following steps:

1. Stay calm and act in a considered way.
2. In case of heavy bleeding, bite on gauze or a handkerchief, place ice cubes on cheek.
3. Depending on the type of tooth injury, proceed as described below.

Tooth knocked out:

  • Look for tooth
  • Do not touch the root surface, hold the tooth by the crown.
  • The tooth must not be cleaned or disinfected.
  • Store the tooth moist, preferably in a tooth rescue box. If not close by: place in UHT milk or wrap in plastic foil (e.g. freezer bag) to keep moist. Normal water or saliva are not suitable.

Tooth is loose or displaced:

  • Leave the situation as it is and do not manipulate the tooth.

Tooth broken off:

  • Find the broken piece and store it in a tooth rescue box or e.g. in UHT milk.
  • Tooth fragments can be reattached to the tooth.

Tooth cannot be found after accident:

  • Search the surroundings for the tooth

What applies for all cases is: visit a dentist or dental clinic as fast as you can.

  • The faster the tooth is replaced, the higher the chance that it will grow again!
  • The faster loosened teeth are brought into their normal position, the greater the chance that they will grow!